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What is a Tambola game?

Tambola, also known as Indian Bingo originated in Italy in the early 1500's. The Game is fun to play and easy to learn, we all have played tambola in parties, social gatherings and on special occasions. Tambola can be played in various ways different countries play it in different ways. America has its own version called Bingo. Many of us have heard of it, some of us have also played it.

How does Tambola work?

Every player must buy a ticket to enter the game. Tambola is played with numbers (1 to 90) with each number drawn one at a time. It contains nine rows and three columns with 27 boxes, each row contains four blank spaces and five numbers and each col contains at upto 3 numbers.

The game begins when a ball is drawn. As the game progresses the board is marked with each ball drawn. The objective of the game is to mark the numbers called by the dealer. The first man to mark all the right numbers called by the dealer is declared as the winner. Later the board is checked by the dealer whether all numbers are correctly marked or not.

Under Control

Tambola game winning patterns

  • Early Five: The ticket with the first five number dabbed
  • Top Line: The ticket with all the numbers of the top row dabbed fastest.
  • Middle Line: The ticket with all the numbers of the middle row dabbed fastest.
  • Bottom Line: The ticket with the numbers of the bottom row dabbed fasted.
  • Star: The ticket with all four corners and a number from the middle line center of the row dabbed fasted.
  • Four Corners: The ticket with all four corners marked first i.e. 1st and last numbers of top and bottom rows.
  • Full House: The ticket with all the 15 numbers marked first
  • Second Full House: The ticket with all the 15 numbers marked first

Housie game source code

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Free tambola result game

Tambola is a mobile game which you can play with your family. It is the same as bingo, you can choose a ticket and the ball rolls, the first person to mark all the numbers will win the game. Free tambola games are also available on some websites but they are not good. Groveus provides tambola game software at a very cheap price.

Host tambola server in Bethamcherla

Tambola is a type of gambling game played all over the world. When all players are ready, the host can start the game by drawing the first number. Every number drawn by the host is automatically called on every players' screen. Host has complete control on the pace of calling the numbers. He can pause, go fast or slow the number calling depending on the online group.

Housie game php script

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Housie ticket generator php

Now for playing Housie with your friends and family you don't need physical tickets and pens to mark the numbers. Everyone can have a digital ticket on their phone and mark the numbers just by tapping it. It also shows a cool animation when you mark your first 5 numbers and any of the rows. You can get software from groveus visit our website for more information.