Unmanned Aerial System-Drone in

The UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems and artificial intelligence technologies are mostly being used by foreign countries. Those systems are very expensive for using widely and one of the biggest issue is, it needs trained professionals to operate.

But things are changing around. Groveus is doing high level research and development for making the drone faster, smarter and affordable. In India very few companies are doing research on self dependent drones. But at Groveus Lab we are achieving new goals in this industry.Groveus drones are designed with cutting edge technology that have been tested in most extreme environments on the planet.

High Performance Drone.


Most of the drone available in the market, can fly upto 2 hours. But Groveus is designing drones for live telecast, all day self dependent jet flight drone surveillance which is perfect for Indian police, Indian Army. Day-night 24/7 human body heat detection enabled quad drones are suitable for Indian Border Security Force.

Drone Usage


There are also portable quad and jet flight drones available, which can be used by Indian Army for quick detailed view of the unknown battle field at anytime at day or dark night. The quick image processing power create a 3D image of the battle field and gives the ability to take correct decision while necessary.

Civil version of these drones are also available for factories, industries, schools, colleges, universities, tea gardens and for many other areas. As the drone technologies are getting more and more advanced, drones are becoming more popular and affordable for both commercial and personal use.

Unlimited Applications of Drone

Unmanned self dependent drones have unlimited applications. This technology not only be able to save valuable soldier's life but it also can provide data from inaccessible areas. High altitude drones can be used for easy traffic control and track criminals or vehicles secretly without being visible. Deep underwater drones can explore the ocean. Drones can be used in fire or flood affected areas for multiple purposes.

Customized Drones are available as per your requirements. No matter how challenging is your requirements, we would love to fulfill your wish.