How Groveus Trying To Make Life Better


digital India

Apart from our software website mobile application development, we are trying to use the advanced software technology with advanced hardware technology together to change the way of our life.

Now days Air-conditioner (AC) got automatic climate control facility. We got finger print activated door locking system for better security. We have also got automatic temperature maintained bed for comfortable sleeping. We have Television (TV) with digital set top box and even with Internet option for multiple entertainment options. We got cars with GPS features to reach our destinations without worrying about getting lost. With the live satellite feed we can even avoid traffics or road accidents. We have also got electronic voting machine for elections in India. We have got Aadhaar card with our biometric identity proof. People in India are also practicing online shopping and the users are tremendously increasing. So gradually India is getting digitized.

digital world

So now imagine a world where you don't have to go to your doctor or testing center to know about your disease. Or you don't need to go to market to buy vegetables or fruits. Imagine a home where Air-conditioner is not only equipped with climate control option but you don't even need to turn it on or off. Lights automatically change color and power according to your necessity. Imagine if your refrigerator is ordering vegetables to the shop keeper and it automatically got transferred to your refrigerator. And the payments for that automatically transferred to the shop keeper's bank account.

. Imagine your bed warning you and informing your doctor about your bad sleeping habits. Imagine your car warning you about your weight and suggesting diet to achieve the good health. Imagine if your bathroom and toilet become so smarter that it giving you pre warning about your existing or possible disease, so that you can take action to avoid serious illness.

Imagine if you will no longer needed to drive your car. Imagine a world without electricity cut off. Imagine if your house is equipped with high performance solar panel for clean and green energy which can be used to charge your high performance electric sports car. Imagine you can monitor and manage your family, your health, your work always from just using your intelligent specs. Now a new invention has just come up where you can manage or control digitally connected things just by thinking about it in your mind. It works by sensing the electromagnetic wave from our brain and apply according to the patterns of that.

We have used the word automatically so many times up here. But the real fact is, there is no automatic things in this world. To make things automatic we always take the help of the science and technology. Sometime we use nanosensors or thermal cameras, microphones. Sometime we use motion sensors, GPS devices, microchips, fingerprint scanners, wi-fi and the most important service, the Internet. With the help of the smart software and smart hardware we are trying to make things automatic and trying to make life better.

We are trying to develop high performance software with innovative and effective algorithms to manage all the advanced hardware to accomplish your vision.